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Anna Mathieu

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~ The way of the weaver sings through the tips of my fingers ~

Why create my art?

Simply put, it makes me feel good, but it's also therapeutic, calming and focusing my mind.

And, it makes people smile--I like that.


People seem to connect with each piece in unique ways.

I love everything about weaving and fiber arts. 

I love the texture of the fibers and the colors, so many colors.

I love to recreate the nature scenes I see and hear.

And I love having the ability to change how something looks through manipulation of the fiber.

I love the repetition of movement; it reminds me of the metronome on our piano in my childhood home, always setting the beat in a familiar tone -- one that keeps me in balance. Within the rhythm, of course, there's variation, so a composition unfolds, and my hands curate the design.

No matter the day of the week, I'm drawn to my loom, and I never want to put it down because creating feeds my soul. 

Wherever I'm present in the world, my view is seen through the lens of a weaver, and I couldn't be more thankful. 

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